Monday, April 7, 2008

On the Move

Have finally made the move to wordpress and you can find me here

But be warned its still a work in progress.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here are the layouts I have finished from Fridays crop.

The "Crazy" one is from Trinas sketch at SBO and the Totally Fascinated one is what I did for Tanya at Stamp In Scrap.
We are in clean up mode outside and the outdoor furniture has been cleaned and put away although it is a beautiful day and we could still be using it!! So much for the grotty weather we were expecting. Off now to clean up my scrap area and sort out what to do next.
Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks Everyone

Thanks all for your kind thoughts. Just to update, I rang the camp this morning and she was off doing "stuff" and according to the leader I spoke to - was perky. Thats enough for me and she was going to tell her that I had rung and that she could ring me back. Haven't heard from her but can imagine she would do the rolly eye thing and mutter to herself about mothers who worry about nothing!!! This is something the doctors are expecting her to grow out of but as you can see we are still waiting. As for the zzzz's have been too busy scrapping.

Just have Aaron home today as Rebecca is at work. He is making the most of it with dibs on TV, DVD and computer, and no arguments. Its very peaceful.

Got a RAK in the mail today - thanks to Michelle W for the lovely ribbon - have been looking at getting that for a while now so perfect timing. Also Julie - the PIF still hasn't come!!! Are you set to do battle with NZ Post?

Not Sleepy Tonight

OK its now 4.05am and I am sooo not sleepy. Just worrying about Alexia away helping at a Brownie Camp. We got rung to say that she had had a fit (she has epilepsy) and that she was OK and didn't want to come home. They were still OK to have her there as well but still she's not here where I can see her - if you know what I mean. She hasn't had one since the end of December last year and prior to that was June last year so they are few and far between but I know that she is going to be really annoyed/upset and just downright p****d off because she has to have 2 years seizure free before being weaned off her medication and now it all has to start again. So that is why I am sitting here at this time checking blogs, leaving comments, reading the SE forum, checking out Trade Me, reading emails etc etc etc.

Will upload some layouts I did at Tanyas crop in the morning - very pleased with myself as I did about 4 of them. Certainly does help to make up page kits to take along.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

From the Blogs

On the rounds of checking my bloglines found some things that you might like to check out:

1. Joanne - You thought the crime was bad here in NZ check out what is happening where Joanne lives - its the OMG post on 29th March.

2. Mel - Want a laugh check out Mels post on Essential Items on 31st March. Go Mel!!!

3. Lesli - Has some fabulous sketches and check out that give-away.

Closer to home

4. Tanya is doing kids classes over the school holidays. They are just fantastic - some lucky kids there. Also thats my layout up for her sketch for this week - how cool!

5. Trace - yes definitely on the countdown now to our holiday just like you. Getting a tad excited about it all.

6. Hannah - Happy 30th birthday. Who's the spoilt one???

Thats it for now - off to the hairdressers for a long overdue cut. Will leave the colour a tad longer so that I look great for those holiday photos - thats if I can put up with the brown/gray stripey look going on!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lets Try It Again

Finally I can put some photos here. Thats our letterbox and driveway at the bottom of the photo and our bark at the neighbours in the top!

This is the garden that Andrew made - check out that straight edge. Just starting to put the bark down.
A layout from Tanya's crop - finally used that Scenic Route paper that I was a bit iffy about.

Alexias excitement over the Westlife tickets. A Page Maps Sketch.

Aaron with his chewing gum and my intense dislike of the stuff.

Have had a good weekend apart from the bark chip drama. Caught up with friends visiting from Blenheim today. Colleen not too sure about the photo of her in my BOM!!! Talked to Mum in Australia who is just getting a tad excited about us coming and worrying that we will think of her as old as she has lots more wrinkles since we last saw her!!! Scrapped a bit. Went across to our new local store - Bunnings - for lunch. Those sausage sizzles are going to be great for Sunday lunches - I can just send Aaron across with his dollar. Today we supported Pregnancy Help, next week who knows? Finally have Rebecca home for tea - she has been out 5 out of 7 nights this last week. Off to watch ER & Men in Trees and guess what, now only three weeks to Australia!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today we got our bark chip delivered for the garden we created over Easter. Only problem was they delivered it to the wrong house! We were patiently waiting for it as it was supposed to be here between 9 and 10am but it didn't come. Andrew rung them up and was told that it had already been delivered. Turns out he came at 7.30am and dumped it on a neighbours front lawn a couple of houses over. Big oops! We moved it with the help of Andrews Dad and did the best we could to clean it all up off the lawn and the driver came back to check it out as well. The neighbours weren't home and we haven't seen them yet. Not quite sure how to explain it to them as they don't speak much English so might just write a note and pop it in the letterbox. As a result of the mistake they have given us a voucher for $70 off our next order. Yahoo - no excuses now not to do the gardens around the back.

Am getting fed up with blogger as it doesn't like doing any photos at the moment so will have to wait until it gets its act together.